Companies are among the biggest players in the U.S. stock market because they actively control the number of shares available for investors to buy.

TrimTabs tracks both announced corporate actions that affect the float of shares as well as actual float change at the company level.

Announced Corporate Actions

We collect daily data on cash takeovers, stock buybacks, equity issuance, and insider trading.

We estimate the change in the float of shares for the entire U.S. stock market based on announced corporate actions as follows:

Estimated Change in Float = New Offerings + Net Insider Selling – 2/3 New Cash Takeovers – 1/3 Completed Cash Takeovers – New Stock Buybacks

Increases in the float are bearish. All else being equal, more shares translate into lower stock prices. Conversely, decreases in the float are bullish. All else being equal, fewer shares translate into higher stock prices.

New offerings
We calculate the number of new shares U.S. companies sell on a daily basis based on data from Dealogic.

Insider trading
We track insider buying and insider selling on a daily basis based on Form 4 filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cash takeovers
We track acquisitions of U.S. public companies by other companies, private equity funds, and investor groups.

Stock buybacks
We track stock buyback announcements by U.S. companies on a daily basis. We check carefully to be sure we do not double-count buybacks when companies replenish existing buyback authorizations.

Actual Float Change

We track actual float change at the company level on a daily basis. Data is available for more than 5,000 U.S.-listed public companies. It is also aggregated at the industry and sector levels.


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TrimTabs Data Services

Time-series datasets are the foundation of TrimTabs liquidity research. The quality and breadth of our data and our rigorous analysis are what set us apart.

You can download an overview of our data offerings here.

We collect data on all aspects of stock market liquidity:

  • Fund flows – mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, and futures flows.

  • Corporate actions – new and completed cash takeovers, stock buybacks, new equity offerings, and insider trading as well as actual float change at the industry, sector, and company levels.

Finally, we track daily U.S. Treasury tax collections and maintain the TrimTabs Macroeconomic Index. 

Our data is customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. Delivery is available through email, FTP sites, and the TrimTabs Client Portal.