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TrimTabs Investment Research is a leading independent institutional research firm focused
on equity market liquidity. The firm was founded by Charles Biderman in 1990.

The key premise of our approach is that stock prices are a function of liquidity—the amount
of shares available to buy and the amount of money available to buy them—rather than
fundamental value. Like the prices of any tradable good, the prices of stocks are driven by
supply and demand.

TrimTabs offers the following products and services:

Research - TrimTabs provides daily commentary and data on equity market liquidity to institutional investors. >>

ETF - The TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (NYSE:TTFS) invests in Russell 3000 companies based on TrimTabs liquidity research. >>

Managed Futures - The Turk Capital U.S. Equity Long/Short Strategy trades S&P 500 futures based on the TrimTabs Demand Index, a proprietary regression model for market timing based on fund flow and sentiment variables. >>

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TrimTabs Investment Research, Inc. (TTIR) is not registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or any state. It relies on the "publisher exclusion" from the definition of an investment adviser under Section 202(a)(11) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and corresponding state laws. TTIR provides bona fide research services and investment newsletters that are generally available for subscription by the public. It does not provide any personalized advice.

Through common ownership by certain individuals, TTIR is affiliated with Trim Tabs Asset Management, LLC (TTAM), an SEC-registered investment adviser that sub-advises the TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS). In particular, Charles Biderman is the Chairman of TTIR, and the Portfolio Manager of TTFS. TTAM only provides services to TTFS, and it does not offer advisory, research, or other services to any other clients.